Abbasi, K. (2022). The effect of Children’s Academic Achievement on Psychological Wellbeing among Parents. International Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience, 8(2), 39-48. Doi:https://doi.org/10.56769/ijpn08203



Backgound: Parents’ physical and mental well-being is equally crucial to children’s development. Parents who are in good health are better able to relate to and guide their children. Children benefit from this by having good mental health, performing well in school, and getting to spend time with each other. Objective: The study was carried out to determine the impact of children’s academic achievement on parents’ well-being. Method: This study was descriptive in nature and survey research technique was used to know the impact. A total of 255 parents were randomly selected from three different schools. A set of questionnaires which include the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-Being (WEMWB) scale was designed to gain primary data from the respondents about the mental well-being of parents. Results: The overall findings of the study indicate that academic achievement is positively correlated with parents’ mental well-being. Conclusions: Findings have concluded that, on average, academic achievement of children has greater impact on the mental well-being of people who are uneducated and unemployed than on those who are educated and employed.

Keywords: Children, Education, Achievement, Parents, Well-being.





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