The International Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience (IJPN) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, case studies, brief scientific notes, opinion and letters to the editor for all fields of Psychology and Neurosciences. The journal’s core is clinical and research.

Topics will include fields such as: neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, neurology, psychiatry, psychopathology, neurodegenerative diseases, pain, stroke, sleep disorders, stress disorders, addiction disorders, and many other areas regarding neurosciences.

ISSN   2183-5829

Please read the EDITORIAL, here.

For further information, please contact: info@neuropsyjournal.com


Do you know that IJPN has an editorial and scientific board of excellence of more than 50 elements from all parts of the world? Here are a few…

Take a moment to know them all at: www.neuropsyjournal.com/editorial-board



8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Gracias es muy importante para mi compartir y adquirir conocimientos con ustedes….

    Posted by MARLEN DIAZ POLO | 18 de September de 2016, 2:06
  2. Estimado Lector Marlen Polo,

    Estamos muy complacidos de recibir su mensaje. Haremos todo lo posible para cumplir con nuestros lectores atravez de nuestras publicaciones.

    Un buen año nuevo para usted y su familia.

    Humberto Rodrigues

    Posted by neuropsyjournal | 8 de January de 2017, 4:33
  3. Obrigada pela partilha de conhecimentos. Agrega muito à minha formação.

    Posted by Patrícia Almeida | 21 de March de 2017, 0:52
  4. I would love to inform and share my project the psychological fine art collection tool with your readers. 21 years in the making see some facial images on twitter Instagram LinkedIn Facebook under dr. Beverley Antoine @DrBantoine Beverley Antoine drantoine@msn.com thanks

    Posted by Beverley Antoine | 30 de June de 2017, 15:27
  5. Sim, tenho interesse em acompanha-los nessa jornada.

    Posted by Welton Correia Alves | 1 de October de 2017, 0:00
  6. Boa noite.
    Obrigada pelo convite.
    Muito agregador. Sempre muito bom novos conhecimentos.

    Posted by Lucianne Nullo | 5 de November de 2017, 22:41
  7. l workin brain disorders. ADHD, OUTİZM

    Posted by Mehmet MIDIK | 25 de November de 2017, 22:00

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Credits: Bento Costa

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